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Last Updated: October 06 2013 06:28:03
Dear Radiofriend Welcome at my personal page, welc@me

My name is Jan, I like to make DX with my homemade antennas.


My 1e project was a 3 el Cubical Quad, because we can not purchase materials I decided to make it from Bamboo.
The 3 element quad was too big and too heavy for me to put it up so I decided to change it into a 2 el Quad.

The 2 el bamboo quad
The antenna is 5 meter from the ground
The 2 el bamboo quad, I made a shorter boom and changed lenght of wires to obtain a better SWR, thanks to Dave 30DA016 for helping me out !
The antenna is still 5 meter from the ground and works great, via LP worked West Indies with big Signal Reports, about 16-17.000 km from here.

My main Antenna: 2 Element Home made Bamboo Delta Loop

www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/dsc00029.jpg
The 1 el Delta Loop, I am making a 2 el, the driven is finished
www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/dsc00024.jpg
connection delta loop
www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/dsc00032.jpg
Delta Loop on testing area
www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/dsc00034.jpg
Delta Loop on testing area
www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/dsc00047.jpg
Bamboo 2 El Delta Loop up and working evening 16 Dec 2011
www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/dsc00046.jpg
Bamboo 2 El Delta Loop up and Working evening 16 Dec 2011
www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/dsc00049.jpg
Bamboo 2 El Delta Loop up and working early morning 17 Dec 2011
www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/dsc00048.jpg
Bamboo 2 El Delta Loop up and Working early morning 17 Dec 2011
www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/photo0140 kl.jpg
I changed the delta loop lately, I took off the 75 Ohm dirty balun, now the antenna is designed for use directly 50 Ohm, I use only connector for plug and made a choke in my 50 Ohm coax. Thank you Dave 30DA016 for calculations.

Portable 1 El Delta Loop

I just finished my new project, I can use this antenna to take portable anywhere, very easy to carry with you. the most longest pieces are at most 1 meter long, made of bamboo, fishing rod (fyberglass) and PVC parts including old electricity wire about 1.5 mm thickness.
Also used dirty balun home made of 1.80 mtr 75 Ohm coax.
The goal of the Choke Balun is to ensure no out of balance energy moves through it. As the name applies, the choke balun sees any extra current flowing back along the coax as out of balance and, through inductive impedance, blocks it and forces it to stay at your antenna.
Hope to hear you when I am portable.

www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/portable/photo0168 kl.jpg

www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/portable/photo0169 kl.jpg

www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/portable/photo0170 kl.jpg

www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/portable/photo0167 kl.jpg

www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/portable/photo0171 kl.jpg

www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/portable/photo0172 kl.jpg

www.irdx.org/153ir/dx/Delta Loop/portable/photo0174 kl.jpg


I use following postcards to confirm the radiocontact including QSL flag SD, due the many requests I am sorry to ask 1 IRC or 1 US $ to confirm the QSO, you can also send your aid via PAYPAL:


Note: You will receive following QSL card via my QSL Manager Mr. Dani 1SD007:

www.irdx.org/DX/dx/qsl/153sd a.jpg


Naga Fireball Festival (Bang Fai Phaya Nark)

info: http://prasetio30...kong-River

info: http://en.wikiped...a_fireball


Naga Fireball Festival (Bang Fai Phaya Nark)


Naga Fireball Festival (Bang Fai Phaya Nark)


Naga Fireball Festival (Bang Fai Phaya Nark)

In X-Mas / New Year period I will use:





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#29 :: mike 30lr137 on January 30 2015 07:00:12
hi jan you have a good site,and thanks for contact last summer.
#28 :: mike 30lr137 on March 25 2014 22:09:33
jan can you contact me via my e-mail-- m3ike20002@yahoo.co.uk iam 30sd555. I spoke with you some time ago,and i have an issue with your maneger send me e-mail and I will tell you.regards mike 30sd555.
#27 :: Paul 26 mu876 on June 23 2013 09:35:40
Great webpage love the home brew antenna congrats Paul
#26 :: 26CT597 on December 09 2012 18:22:57
Hi Jan..i will be sending you a QSL card for our short contact this morning.... thank you for the conformation on 27.520

DATE - 9/12/2012

#25 :: 31SD239 on November 17 2012 19:04:44
OlŃ Jan bonita pagina weeb, espero encontrar-te pela frequencia


31SD239 Rui Manuel
#24 :: 13TH2348_Tillmann on October 14 2012 14:43:22
Hi Jan,
Nice and interesting antennas...
Nice page.
Hope to have a Contact with you soon

Tillmann- Southwest Germany
#23 :: 9at270 on October 03 2012 23:28:46
Hi Jan.

A great pleasure to have worked your station today from my mobile here in New Brunswick, Canada. As mentioned in my email to you, today was my first contact into the 153 division and it was fantastic to do it from the mobile!
All the very best from eastern Canada Jan, I hope to work your station again another time.


Wade 9AT270
Moncton, New Brunswick
#22 :: 21SD153-Colin on September 27 2012 05:40:09
Hi Jan..Nice site you have here..and thanks for the contact the other day my 1st SD from your division.. keep making the antenna's best 73's Colin
#21 :: 19AT032 on July 30 2012 08:36:57
Jan .... ken ik je ? groeten van menno 19AT032 .. Looking good there man ... Nice home made antenna park you have... Take care and i hope to catch you on the air soon.. alerbeste dx jan..
#20 :: 19OB045 Bert on June 26 2012 00:37:28
Wow very interesting site Jan very nice to see ..

Greetings and all the best from Dutch

73 Bert

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